Friday, October 05, 2007

CYCLING & RECYCLING at Velo-city 07

European common problems need...European solutions


EU Safety regulations for bicycles sold in Europe are reaching the
stage of harmonized full application.
The European Safety Program
introduces a global concept of safety referred to product, road,
driver and allows the user to be permanently linked with the matter of his personal safety.


Every year in Europe 1/4th of theft ‘victims’ stops definitely to use
the bicycle. Consumer’s decision to purchase cheap bicycles is strictly related to theft’s risk.
The European Security Program
introduces a global concept of bicycle security : ID marking system, devices,
infrastructures. Planning at European level would help tointegrate best solutions.


Out-of-use bicycles in Europe are millions and millions. According to product end-of-life regulations, scrapbicycles should be no longer source of pollution and waste of resources.
The European Service Program introduces a global concept of totally environment friendly bicycle: not only the use but also the bicycle itself must become an example of exploitation of resources and re-cyclability.

New way of manufacturing, marketing,
setting effective liaisons with
bicycle friendly organizations
means a lot of new jobs for Europeans.

Poster presented at Velo-City Muenchen, June 2007

SafetyBicycle OFFICE: 5, Via Cuneo 20149 Milano +39.338.6295524
TESTING GROUND : Foresta di S. Martino 57030 Elba Island


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